Are you ready to take your game development career to the next level? We're on the lookout for a UI Engineer to join our teams in Prague and Brno!

At our company, we're not just making games – we're crafting AAA experiences that resonate with players worldwide. Our projects range from porting games to different platforms, to co-development with talented teams from renowned studios across the globe, up to the development of our game titles. 

Our primary expertise lies in Unreal Engine paired with C++, so you'll likely find yourself working with these technologies. As a UI Engineer, you will have the opportunity to leverage your programming skills to code visually stunning games! 


What does our UI Engineer do: 

  • Development of internal projects as well as co-development on AAA titles using modern UI frameworks.
  • Consult other UI engineers and share gained knowledge.
  • Use Noesis, UMG&Slate, Coherent, or Unity UI Toolkit to develop game UIs.


What do we need you to have:

  • Familiarity with any high level programming language (C#, C++, C, Java ...).
  • Strong problem-solving skills using any programming language.
  • English is a must, we're working with English-speaking studios.
  • Passion for UI and game development in general.
  • Eagerness to gain new knowledge to develop game UIs.


Nice to haves:

  • 2+ years of professional experience in UI engineering
  • Previous experience with any game engines (proprietary, Unreal Engine, Unity ...)
  • Previous experience with WPF or any layout languages (css, html, xamarin...)
  • Previous experience with VR development, consoles or mobile platforms.


Some interesting points and what we can offer to you:

  • We will give you the freedom to either specialize in one direction or to change your focus to something else in the future, we are open-minded.
  • Flexible working hours - there are some mandatory meetings, other than that it is up to you (after discussion with your supervisor) to manage your time.
  • We trust our people, so we offer them the opportunity to take free days as they need, with no limitations.
  • Cool, easy-going “asshole-free” company culture.

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