Are you good at data analysis or machine learning? Do you know Python well and want to work with modern open-source technologies in the cloud? If you're someone who likes to learn and work with experts, and you enjoy exploring new things, keep reading.

As a data scientist at DataSentics, your job would be to solve important problems, understand clients' challenges and create effective solutions.

Together with the team, you will focus on these and other questions:

  • What and why is being addressed?
  • Understanding the client's problems and determining the best approach to solve them.
  • What will help? Building models, predictions, and algorithms using Python and PySpark (including data preparation, feature engineering, and all this creative but sometimes 'tedious' work).
  • Does it work? Conducting and evaluating experiments / POC (proof of concept).
  • If it's excellent, let's deploy it: Operationalizing the solution, ensuring our model efficiently helps someone at work everyday.

You'll work with interesting professionals in a stable and fast-growing company. You'll get to be a part of exciting ML projects, help develop AI products, and have flexible working hours. You'll also have clear opportunities to grow in your career and have a say in how projects go. Our offices are in the center of Prague and at ImpactHub in Brno. You can also choose to work from home if you prefer.

We're always looking for talented people. If you're interested in data science and want to explore working with us, reach out on LinkedIn or apply for this position. We'd be happy to keep in touch!

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