At T-Mobile, we are constantly improving out digital products for our clients. We create solutions on the level of individual countries (Czech Republic / Slovakia) or even on the level of transnational solutions using agile delivery, automation, DevOps and the creation of new solutions using the microservices architecture.

For our Digital IT Application engineering department, we are looking for Java developers, who will prepare the very heart of our applications, namely services based on microservices and their implementation on a harmonized API. If you want to participate in solutions for millions of clients, at the same time use the latest technologies and do things differently than is common in the corporate world, send us your CV.

Who are we looking for and what you will work with

You are going to use:

  • Java version 11, 17, 19 (depends on Tribe)
  • Java framework Spring (Spring Data / JPA, Web / MVC, REST, Boot, Security, Cloud) and JUnit
  • Git versioning tools
  • Maven build tool
  • Basics of SQL - knowledge of PostgreSQL databases
  • REST API and Swagger model
  • Kibana, Jira, Confluence
  • Knowledge of creating micro services and their architecture
  • Jenkins, Gitlab

You will also work with:

  • Kafka tool, Redis, Kubernetes
  • Gradle build tool
  • Thymeleaf templates
  • Hibernate Java framework
  • JBoss application server and Liferay portal

What we are offering to you

  • Smartphone: Choose your phone and get a compensation of, for example 15,400 CZK every 2 years.
  • Employee tariff: Use unlimited data, call and text for lower prices for private and business purposes.
  • Bonuses and rewards: Hard work pays off! Get rewards for your individual performance, as well as a yearly bonus of up to 15 % depending on the company’s success.
  • T-Mobile discounts: Enjoy the 75% discount on 8 T-Mobile services for your family and friends.
  • Partner discounts: Enjoy lower prices of products and services with our partners.
  • Flexible hours: We usually work at the office vs home-office 60:40. Adapt your work to your needs.
  • Rest and recreation: Relax with 6 weeks of holidays and 1 free day for charity activities.
  • MultiSport: Sport and relax with your loved ones for free or with discounts thanks to the MultiSport card.
  • Healthcare: Take care of your wellbeing with high-quality care for a discounted price with our contractual facility.
  • Education and development: Broaden your horizons with our internal T-Univerzity offering a wide range of courses.
  • Cafeteria: Benefits worth up to 15,000 CZK per year – sports and culture, contributions to transport, holidays or language courses.

Everyone is welcome to join us

Our employees feel that they have equal employment and career development opportunities with us, regardless of age, gender and gender identity, physical and mental ability, nationality, social and ethnic origin, political views, religion and world view. This makes us very happy. We are committed to continuous improvement and to creating a safe working environment for all.

What awaits you

  1. Has the job offer captured your interest? Fill in the application form and let us know about yourself.
  2. We will assess the information you send us and will get back to you under any circumstances.
  3. We will contact the chosen applicants and specify the details.
  4. A job interview is a two-way opportunity to get to know each other better.
  5. We will inform you about the result of the interview as soon as possible. Successful candidates will receive a job offer.

In our company, according to our job architecture, you will work as Software Engineer

T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s.