What does an Exceptional Front End Developer Do?

Ready to make people’s lives better? The Front-End Engineer role showcases your ability to provide technical prowess across front end technology to breathe life into user interfaces. You are empowered to innovate, communicate, collaborate, and deliver with other engineers, product managers, and designers. You will play a crucial role in enabling the online experiences people have with their money to solve for a mixture of great user experience, product analytics enablement, and security as you iterate towards outcomes that impact millions.

This role will:

  • Showcase constructive communication, collaboration, and delivery skills
  • Work on a focused team of highly capable engineers, and designers using Agile engineering practices, modern continuous delivery capabilities, and product analytics
  • Dive deep into technical, and business-related fin-tech domain areas while tackling consumer grade user interfaces
  • Collaborate with other engineering leaders, UX designers, and product managers to build on each other’s ideas to craft effective solutions, and breakdown business problems into actionable work items
  • Have a strong sense of code ownership through development and deploy cycles with autonomy to continuously improve features

Basic Qualifications for Consideration: 

  • BSCS or equivalent work experience.
  • 4 or more years of relevant experience building web enabled products and services
  • 4 or more years of JavaScript experience working on SPA based applications (Angular.js, React.js, Backbone.js), and their surrounding ecosystems.
  • Passion in enabling high quality experiences through CSS, HTML, and their related optimization frameworks
  • Smart system design with an understanding of how to ideate with others
  • Meaningful experience performance optimizing web based front ends with Lighthouse
  • Enablement of L10n and L18n
  • Thoughtful and constructive code reviewer capabilities
  • A developer level understanding of web based security required

Preferred Qualifications for Consideration:

  • High volume systems knowledge
  • REST based service development and integration experiences
  • SaaS team engineering experiences

What you’ll get:

  • A strong grasp of the related field
  • An authentic career path with a support cast that will help you along your journey
  • Healthy work environment where psychological safety and blameless learning is fostered at every level
  • Work-life balance tailored to your needs with a company that believes in work and play


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