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TESTER with Python and Linux

TESTER with Python and Linux

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  • The position has been open for a long time, since the beginning of last year as we get new projects so we build new teams regularly. 
  • The position is focused on testing of a new product – CASE detection on mobile networks.
  • Testing of frameworks – two frameworks, one in TLC, the other one in Python
  • Writing system tests plus maintenance.
  • Because it is a new product, you as a tester will know the product as the only one in the company, so you can sometimes go directly to the customer to install it.


  • Which skills we need you to have:
  • Scripting (TLC ideally, but Python or Bash is also ok).
  • Really solid knowledge of Linux is a MUST
  • Knowledge of TCP / IP networks and you must be familiar with protocols.
  • You can also be an enthusiastic person after school, who is really interested.


  • Advanced modern technologies.
  • Interesting people.
  • Team spirit.
  • Nice salary up to the level of your skills.
  • A wide range of benefits.
  • What will your environment be like?
  • Multinational company with offices and customers all over the world
  • Company working in mobile networks and telecommunication with a special focus on our product
  • Management Station (MS) with main functionalities
  • Single point of access to our solutionFault, performance, operations and configuration management
  • Modern GUI
  • Agile SCRUM team


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