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DevOps Engineer (Big Data & Fast Data)

DevOps Engineer (Big Data & Fast Data)

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  • You will be responsible for developing features, ongoing support and administration, and documentation for the platform. The platform provides a messaging queue and a blueprint for integrating with existing upstream and downstream technology solutions.


  • Essential Skills
  • · Strong background in Linux system administrator skills and shell scripting
  • · Experience with Linux system monitoring and analysis
  • · Excellent understanding of modern Big Data technologies (namely Hadoop, Kafka, NoSQL)
  • · Experience with administration of large clusters
  • · Experience with automation and configuration management (Chef, Ansible or equivalent)
  • Desirable Skills
  • · Experience with some of the following: Scala, Java, Python, C#, Kerberos
  • · Experience with virtualization (VMware, Xen, Docker, OpenShit)
  • · Experience with cloud technologies (AWS, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack)


  • Rewards and Benefits
  • · 5 Weeks paid holiday
  • · Days with possibility to work remotely
  • · Meal vouchers 90CZK (fully covered by employer)
  • · 60 Days sick per day (fully covered by employer)
  • · 7 Days paternity leave –
  • · 3% of salary towards superannuation funds
  • · Technical/Financial training
  • · Ederned - enhanced medical cover
  • · English or Czech language courses
  • · Yearly Bonus based on personal and company performance
  • · Assistance with Visa and Working Permit


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